The Decentralized Marketplace for e-Commerce

A decentralized place giving both buyers and sellers access to free marketplace



ETao is decentralized free marketplace APP based on blockchain, it provides a free marketplace with no hiding fees, no transaction fees, free for both buyers and sellers. Anyone can buy and sell on ETao.


Your data is secure. all buyer’s information are encrypted

Best reward program. You earn with your purchase, write review, etc. And your earn can be sold as cash directly

Internal messages encrypted. Messages between buyer and seller, including address and shipping method, are encrypted. Your data is controlled by you, not publicly shared.

No fees, for sellers no transaction fee when using cryptocurrency, no commission fees such as Amazon or eBay. Totally Free

Trust And Transparency In Payments. A blockchain system brings in transparency in transactions. Every transaction is stored in a shared ledger and it cannot be tampered with by anyone. 

Verified Customer Reviews. With a blockchain, product reviews can be verified.

Easy to use, you can list item in a few seconds

ETAO is the most secured ecommerce platform

All buyer’s information are encrypted Internal messages encrypted Payment is anonymous Payment between buyer and seller are shielded


Compare to Amazon/eBay etc, ETao is decentralized and encrypted marketplace. Not like where buyers/sellers can be suspended any time by, Etao offers free and decentralized transactions on the platform. For buyer, ETao offers encrypted and secured transaction. Each transaction will be encrypted and deleted after completed, no one can track them anymore.

Simple processes how ETao works:

● Seller listed item on Etao APP

● Buyer purchased the item from APP and made payment using Etao tokens

● Seller confirmed the order

● Transcation got encrypted by APP and Payment of Etao tokens are on Hold.

● Buyer received the item

● Buyer clicked confirmation on APP, then ETao tokens on hold transferred to seller in full.

On ETao, both buyer and seller feedbacks are important. As a buyer, you should check seller feedback to be a trusted seller. As seller, you should check buyer feedback as well to make sure you will get paid. Read WhitePaper for more details.

A Secured marketplace!

When buyer placed order, buyer name, email and phone number all encrypted. Seller can not see full buyer’s information. Any email /phone calls between buyer and seller are encrypted. Seller only can see buyer’s information if buyer allows it. Buyers has full control on their information such as Name, Phone number, Emall, address. And after the transaction is completed, all transaction date will be deleted and no one can track it.

Why ETao?

Amazon controlled more than 50% ecommerce market, which makes it very centralized . ETao App is first decentralized ecoomerce APP and free for everyone to use.

For Sellers, why use ETao?

ETao is free, no transaction fee or commission fee as As such sellers can improve their margins.

For buyers, why use ETao?

Etao is the first secured and encrypted marketplace. After buyer placed order, buyer name, buyer’s information will be encrypted. Even more, after the transaction is completed, all transaction date will be deleted and no one can track it.


ETao coin is additional payment used on ETao APP, it is based on L2 lighting network. and free, no gas fee and no transaction fee. Seller decided to list an item on ETao with ETao token amount as price, buyer pays ETao token to purchase.

How to get ETAO COIN?

Buyer within APP/exchange

Earn inside APP, you get ETAO coin when you spend, and writing review, etc

Farm. You can put ETAO coin in the farm pool to earn more ETAO coins

What’s the benefits for using ETAO COIN?

Feeless. ETAO token is built on L2 lightning network, which provides transactions no fee or very less fee.

Privacy and Security. ETAO works the way as ZCASH, it uses shielded address as middle address as such it hides transaction.


  • Dec 2020 Lab funded

  • April 2021 App frame finished

  • Aug 2021 App lives!

  • Dec 2021 Payment system update and Add encrypted Transaction